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Approved Document A - Wales

Welcome to the technical guidance page for Part A of the building regulations.

Approved Document A for Wales deals with the structural stability and safety of buildings from foundations to walls and roofs. The Approved Document giving guidance on how to satisfy the building control requirements can be downloaded below, with additional guidance at the foot of the page.

Approved Document A: Structure
Approved Document A - Wales

Additional Guidance:


BCA Guidance:

BCA Technical Guidance Note 21: The Building Regulations 2010 – England & Wales Requirement A3 – Disproportionate Collapse

BCA Technical Guidance Note 22: Assessment of proposed robustness measures following the ‘Alternative approach’ given in Approved Document A Section 5 paragraph 5.4

LABC Technical Guidance:

Technical guide: Guide to retrofitting solar panels

Technical Guide: Viewpoint - Householder guide to re-roofing conservatories and porches

Technical Guide: Guidance on adding solid roofs to conservatories or porches attached to dwellings

LABC Member Document:

LABC Member Document: Guidance on Fixing solar panels To Timber Rafter & Battens (Pitched Roofs) NFRC