EW130 Eurobrick Insulated Brick Cladding System


X-Clad and P-Clad External Cladding Systems are clay brick slip systems for use as protective/decorative cladding with or without a cavity over solid masonry, timber- and steel-frame and masonry external walls in new and existing domestic and non-domestic buildings. 

X-Clad is an insulated cladding system.

P-Clad is a non-insulated system and may be used on certain buildings above 18m in conjunction with steel-frame substrate walls if constructed to the specification detailed within BBA 13/5079 p 7.7 (please refer to the conditions of certificate). For more information on suitability please contact your local authority building control team.

I-Clad Internal Cladding System is a gypsum plasterboard used with clay brick slip facings for use as non-structural, decorative cladding for internal walls of timber and steel-frame construction above the damp-proof course in domestic and non-domestic buildings.


Valid until 25th July 2021


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