EW350 CHANCE® Helical Piling System


This is an assessment of the CHANCE® Helical Piling System for LABC registered detail approval. Ground Sun Screw Piling Ltd are the UK accredited supplier and administrator of this system Scope includes new build projects, extensions and underpinning. The pile shaft transfers a structure's load into the pile. Helical steel plates are welded to the pile shaft in accordance with the intended ground conditions. Helices can be press-formed to a specified pitch or simply consist of flat plates welded at a specified pitch to the pile's shaft. The number of helices, their diameters and position on the pile shaft as well as steel plate thickness are all determined by a combination of: 1. The combined structure design load requirement 2. The geotechnical parameters 3. Environmental corrosion parameters 4. The minimum design life of the structure being supported or restrained. The system involves using pile caps which can be a Chance designed product or may be designed separately by a Structural Engineer.  There is a direct comparison between the torque reading from the machine used to drive them in and the load required.  The piles can only be installed by certified installers who have been trained. The system will have to be chosen by a design Structural Engineer and structural calculations/design will still be needed for each individual project. In addition they will have to confirm this is a suitable system for a project and also confirm approval post installation.  


Valid until 8th July 2021


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