EWS1337C – Twyford – Doc M Rimless BTW Pack


This is an assessment of the Twyford Accessible Toilet Document M Rimless BTW Pack for various sanitary facilities in buildings other than dwellings.

The components breakdown required for the Rimless BTW Pack is provided within document BOM 4-8-20 which has also been assessed for compliance.

The contexts of the pack, when fitted in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions will contribute to achieving compliance with Regulation M1 requirements and M3 requirements of the Building Regulations in England and Wales and Mandatory Standards 3.12 and 4.2 of the Scottish Technical Handbooks.

The contents of the pack should adhere to the components lists provided in document BOM 4-8-20 and layouts to the drawings provided in the following respective drawing: A25838.


Valid until 30th June 2022


Please Note: Every care was taken to ensure the information was correct at the time of publication. Any written guidance provided does not replace the user’s professional judgement. It is the responsibility of the dutyholder or person carrying out the work to ensure compliance with relevant Building Regulations or applicable technical standards.


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