EWS977 JUWO Poroton ThermoPlan (Smartwall TM) System


This is an assessment of the JUWO Poroton ThermoPlan block (Smartwall TM) System. The blocks are constructed of fired-clay and use a thin-joint mortar system, applied with a specialist mortar roller. The blocks contain a vertical cellular void structure and the non-face ends of the blocks are keyed with a vertical tongue-and-groove interlocking profile, which eliminates the need for vertical mortar joints.

The system includes a range (ref: MZ) as an option, with voids infilled with Rockwool insulation. The block system complies with EN 771 and is certified by CE Norm with the highest range of classification CE 2+. The compressive strength of the clay units ranges from 5N/mm2 to 15N/mm2 and has been tested to demonstrate its non-shrinking characteristics, including the mortar, which is also supplied by JUWO.  


Valid until 24th April 2022


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