EWW878 SPT Systems, Members of Kepi International - Structural Insulated Panel (SIP)


This is an assessment of the Kepi - Structural Panel Technologies (Kepi SPT) Structural Insulated Panel system developed for wall and roofing. The assessment is for a typical two storey property and external treatment should be dealt with separately. The Structural Insulated Panel is constructed from 12.5mm thick Magnesium Oxide board outer/inner skin and a rigid PUR core with a total panel thickness of at least 200mm. The panels have been verified as suitable as load bearing partitions both internally and externally (where suitable cladding is provided) for a typical two storey domestic property with a tiled duo-pitched roof and the following characteristics: Maximum building length = 10.00m Maximum building width = 6.58m Maximum eaves height = 3.95m Maximum ridge height = 5.85m  


Valid until 18th October 2022


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