EWWS645 Duratherm® OS spray applied polyurethane foam for stabilisation and insulation


This is an assessment of Duratherm® OS spray applied HFC blown polyurethane foam for roof stabilisation and insulation.

Applications assessed are stabilisation, insulation and insulation plus stabilisation. Duratherm® OS is a 2 component modified polyurethane rigid foam system suitable for use in both flat and pitched roof applications. The material is formed in situ by mixing isocyanate and resin within the nozzle of a spray gun during the spraying process.

The foam is spray applied in layers not exceeding 20mm with additional layers added to provide thickness. Curing of Duratherm takes place within 2 hours.

For stabilisation purposes the product can be used to extend roof life by at least 20 years.


Valid until 1st June 2020


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