Building Safety

On 5 July 2021 the government introduced the Building Safety Bill to parliament. The Bill represents the biggest shake up of building safety regulation since 1984. The Bill proposes to set up the Building Safety Regulator to oversee higher risk buildings, identify people legally accountable for building safety and introduces a register of competent practitioners including for registered building inspectors.

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We'll be running webinars and events with organisations such as the HSE, MHCLG and Local Government Association giving further details on the development of the Bill as it passes through Parliament and the consequences for individuals, building control teams and the wider industry. We'll also issue further detailed information as the legislation and statutory instruments develop.

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Members' draft Building Safety Bill resource page (login required - see below)

Documents available on the members' website include:

  • Map of the draft Building Safety Bill
  • Proposed structure of the new building safety regime
  • Documents that track changes between the Building Safety Act and the Draft Building Safety Bill
  • And more... 

N.B. If you don't already have a login for the LABC members' website you'll need to register to view these documents. You're welcome to do so if you work for a local authority (including the departments of building control, planning, environmental health or housing), a Fire & Rescue Service, or if you are an elected member. Please allow 24 hours for us to approve your access. Here's the link:

LABC's Chief Executive Lorna Stimpson speaks about the draft Bill

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As things progress, we'll be updating this page and sending information to registered users. Information will include:

  • Further advice to local authorities on implementation
  • Advice to local authorities on competency assessments, resourcing, recruitment and resilience
  • Itemised analysis of legislation
  • Financial, charging and administrative changes
  • Enforcement powers and sanctions
  • Events, webinar and regional activity
  • LABC Learning assessments and training for local authority surveyors