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We’re part of a network of 320 member authorities and 3,500 associates.

In the Members area you’ll find everything you need to help you and your team improve the performance of you and your team. This is where you’ll keep up to date with technical guidance and LABC standards, from CPD to qualifications to keep you up to date. You’ll also find information and help on marketing, find the documents you need. We’ll also feature the latest political issues and changes.

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LABC is an organisation run by its member representatives. This section lays out LABC’s constitution and governance. Here you’ll find contacts for the Board, Standards Committee, Regional Chairs, Council and Working Group Chairs. You'll also put names to faces in the LABC team and read about this year's President and President's Charity.

Management & legislation

This is area that provides information, help and guidance on the managing of public service building control. Here you’ll find current best practice on legal issues, building control responsibilities, managing departmental risk and financial management.

Standards & practice

Standards in public sector is under scrutiny. The standards committee was formed in 2017 to oversee consistency, service improvement and competency of local authority building control teams. LABC’s vision is for all public service building control teams to be externally audited to provide the service of best quality and performance (fiddle)


Here you’ll find links to the most up to date technical resources, guidance and opinions from across our network. Also links and information on registered details and registered construction details. (fiddle)>