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DCLG Building Safety Programme

DCLG Building Safety Programme

The DCLG have established the Building Safety Programme to identify buildings which are of concern following the fire at Grenfell Tower.

There is a dedicated web page for local authorities, landlords and other interested parties responsible for building safety in England and it includes:

  • Latest advice for landlords and building owners
  • Further advice to landlords and building owners
  • Financial information for local authorities and housing associations
  • The Independent Expert Advisory Panel
  • The screening, testing and wall cladding system testing programme
  • The Industry Response Group

DCLG's most recent updates will always be posted on their web page first. For example:

Advice note 1 – explanatory note on safety checks and testing – 30 June 2017
Advice note 2 – advice on recladding - 13 July 2017
Advice note 3 – explanatory note on large scale testing – 20 July 2017

In particular, you are encouraged to read the explanatory note on the large scale testing.

To view, visit where you can sign up for regular updates via this registration link.