LABC announce new sponsor relationship with innovators K-Kaps

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LABC is delighted to announce a new sponsor relationship with K-Kaps.

Part C of the Building Regulations (para 4.17) requires that reinforcement in reinforced concrete floor beams is adequately protected against moisture.

If you have ever tried to wrap the ends of beams in a damp proof membrane or paint them with bitumen, you will probably appreciate the introduction of the K-Kap to the market.

This is an injection-moulded T-shaped plastic cap, made from recycled materials, which can be slid onto the ends of pre-cast concrete floor beams to protect exposed reinforcing bars.

K- Kaps should be fitted to beams prior to craning into position for ease of installation.

It's considered good practice to fit K-Kaps to beams prior to storing on site for prolonged time periods to protect the beam ends from bad weather.

The product is suitable for use as damp proofing to beam ends as testing under BS EN 13967 undertaken by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) gives water vapour resistance of 526 MNs/g, which is comparable with 1,000 gauge polyethylene typically used as a damp proof membrane.

K-Kaps are registered with LABC and LABC Warranty – view the LABC Assured Certificate.

Most LABC Sponsors and partners are well established industry leaders but the relationship with K-Kaps marks the introduction of a new category for innovators and start-up businesses who are new to the market.

Find out more about K-Kaps here:

K-Kaps International Ltd

Telephone: 07990 035 513





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