Introducing LABC Assured, a one-off process for warranty and building control registration

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Local Authority Building Control (LABC) and LABC Warranty have launched a new registration scheme for construction systems and products, allowing manufacturers to gain building regulation compliance and warranty cover in a single process.

Successful applications via the LABC Assured scheme will receive a certificate listing the conditions for Building Control compliance in England and Wales (Building Standards compliance in Scotland), together with any additional conditions for structural warranty cover, provided by LABC Warranty in England and Wales.

The aim of LABC Assured, the only scheme of its kind to be supported by all local authorities in mainland UK, is to provide manufacturers and suppliers with a simplified, streamlined process for product and system assessment.

According to LABC, products and systems awarded LABC Assured status will give specifiers, designers and builders confidence in performance and suitability, and will help make the local authority building control process quicker and even more cost-effective.

"Offering a combined assurance assessment process, LABC Assured removes any ambiguity or uncertainty and streamlines the route to technical and regulatory compliance."
Martin Taylor, Director of Regulatory Policy, LABC

LABC represents all local authority building control teams in England and Wales, boasting a network of more than 3,500 surveyors. Scotland's 32 local authorities are covered by Local Authority Building Standards Scotland (LABSS), where LABC Assured will provide Building Standards compliance.

Since 2007 LABC Warranty has worked in partnership with LABC to provide structural warranties in England and Wales, working with some of the largest house-builders and commercial contractors in the country.

LABC Assured combines two previously separate registration processes for manufacturers of products and systems, one operated by LABC for Building Control (Building Standards), and a second by LABC Warranty for warranty cover.

Martin Taylor, Director of Regulatory Policy at LABC, said: "Offering a combined assurance assessment process, LABC Assured removes any ambiguity or uncertainty and streamlines the route to technical and regulatory compliance.

"Following initial robust assessments, all registrations are routinely reviewed to ensure that they remain up to date with changes to legislation and technical guidance. Aligning our procedures in this way provides the confidence that the industry now demands."

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