Water-resistant roofing membranes

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Water-resistant roofing membranes

Tiling and other visible roofing materials are usually considered the first line of defence against the elements, but few people understand the equally important role played by breather membranes in protecting buildings and their inhabitants.

Dupont Building Products’ roofing membranes range, which has LABC Registered Details certification, is one of the most recognised in this market. Its Tyvek water-resistant membrane solutions are ideal for both supported and unsupported pitched roofs.

Tyvek Supro

This is a durable, water-resistant membrane reinforced with a laminated polypropylene nonwoven. Highly waterproof, the airtight, vapour-permeable membrane helps to protect roofs against wind and water while also improving energy efficiency.

The system itself does not require any soffit, tile or ridge ventilation, which can save time and money in the construction process. In addition to warm, hybrid, and cold roofs, other applications include Scottish sarking board systems, low-pitched metal roofs, and wall and floor applications.

Tyvek Supro Plus

This offers the same benefits as Tyvek Supro, plus an integral adhesive lap tape designed for use in the Tyvek sealed roof system. Sealing all horizontal laps can contribute to the system’s thermal efficiency by reducing air infiltration.

Both Tyvek Supro and Tyvek Supro Plus can be used for supported and unsupported pitched roofs.

Tyvek Enercor

This roofing membrane is a Roof Tile Underlay for use in warm non-ventilated and cold ventilated pitched roof systems. It has a durable metallised low emissivity surface and is designed to improve thermal performance and comfort in two ways - by permanently reflecting up to 85% of radiant heat in summer and by reducing convective heat loss in winter.

Successfully installed in the UK since 2002, Tyvek Enercor Roof is suitable for unsupported tiled/slated roofs and also for profiled cladding (metal sheet) pitched roofs. Significant energy savings of up to 15% can be achieved by combining it with Tyvek Reflex and AirGuard Reflective vapour barrier.

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For more information on these products contact Dupont Building Innovations on 01275 337660 or visit www.construction.tyvek.co.uk

LABC Registered Details – now known as LABC Assured (as of March 2019) – is a one-off certification process proving compliance with building regulations and standards across England, Wales & Scotland. Registering your product, system or house type with LABC increases industry confidence while also raising the profile of your company.


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