Zero energy buildings: How to comply with Regulation 25B

Solar panels on roof

In 2012 Regulation 25B was introduced to the Building Regulations to ensure the EU Energy Performance of Buildings requirements were being worked towards in England and Wales. Regulation 25B states that "where a building is erected, it must be a nearly zero-energy building". 

How to ensure compliance with Regulation 25B

The minimum level of compliance with this requirement may be achieved by meeting the Target Emission Rate required under Regulation 26. Those carrying out the work should also undertake an analysis of the technical, environmental and economic feasibility of using high efficiency alternative systems, which include decentralised energy supply systems based on energy from renewable sources and take this into account as required by Regulation 25A. 

Where an assessment has been undertaken using BREEAM or an equivalent methodology, a demonstration that energy credits have been achieved can be used as further evidence that Regulation 25B has been met.

What’s the deadline?

For new buildings occupied by public authorities, the coming-into-force date for Regulation 25B is 1 January 2019.

For all other buildings, the coming-into-force date for Regulation 25B is 31 December 2020.


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