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Enter the LABC Regional Building Excellence Awards 2016

Nominations are now open

  • You must be registered and logged in as an LABC Member or user to complete the nomination form. If you aren't already registered please click here to register.
  • Please read the FAQs before completing the form.
  • To start your nomination please identify the local authority area within which the development took place.  
  • If your nomination is for best local builder or craftsperson, best site agent or best partnership with a local authority please use the council with which you have the best and most longstanding relationship.
  • Up to 4 people may contribute to the entry form using the unique reference number that will be provided in step 2.
  • Please choose from the list of councils below. Type in the first few letters of your council and a series of options will appear, please click on the relevant council.
  • Please note - your browser may time out after a while. Please remember to save your work as you go to avoid losing the information you've added. 

If you're having issues please do contact one of our awards team on or call us on  0207 091 6869/6873

Begin nomination process

Please enter the name of the local authority within which the development took place, or for the best builder, site agent or partnership, the local authority with which you have a relationship.

Resume Nomination Process

Please enter the unique code for the nomination you want to continue. Please note - you will receive this in step 2 of the nomination process.