LABC Board of Directors

The LABC Board is made up of practicing local authority building control senior managers. The Board is elected by the LABC membership through the Council of Representatives and is responsible for:

  • Overseeing the development of LABC
  • Safeguarding its financial security
  • Ensuring its operational effectiveness

Members of the LABC board

Neil Allen








 Neil Allen



Dave Sharp
Phil Mansfield








 Dave Sharp                                                          Phil Mansfield

 Vice Chair                                                               Finance Director 


default profile picture
default profile picture
Nitesh Pankhania








 Martin Bennett                                                       David Darlington                                                  Nitesh Pankhania


Steve Pearce
David Pickles
Mike Terry






                                                       Steve Pearce                                                          David Pickles                                                          Mike Terry                                                             


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 Gabrielle Whitehouse

Executive Directors









 Peter Keates                                                           Lorna Stimpson                                                      Martin Taylor