Getting started on your building project

Homeowner or small builder? These resources will help you get your new building project off the ground.

What are the building regulations? (Video)
A background into what they consist of and when you'll need them.
Do I need building regulations approval for this project...?
Planning work on an extension, conservatory, garage or loft conversion? Find out if you need building control approval.
How does the building control process work? (Video)
Does your build require an application?
The difference between planning permission and building regulations
Confused? Let us explain.
Quick list of projects requiring building regulations approval
A list of projects that you will need an application for.
Make an online building control application
Submit directly to your local authority and track progress.
How to avoid cowboy builders
How to choose the right builder and keep your project on the straight and narrow.
Self builds
How we can help you build your dream home.
What type of building regulation application do I need?
Full Plans, Building Notices, retrospective applications - find out which one you need.
Help - I didn't get permission for my building work!
How to get building control approval after the work has been done.
What standards apply to organisations delivering building control?
And how do these help you?
How to book a site inspection
Discover how to book your building control site visit.