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LABC Publishing

LABC Publishing

LABC Publishing is operated on LABC’s behalf by Zinc Media. This is an exclusive contract and no other publishing company has the authority to produce LABC publications. LABC Publications are intended for homeowners and local businesses in the building industry.

Why does LABC publish guides?

  • To encourage homeowners to understand building control and to make their own application or specify to their agent that they want to use their local council team.
  • To encourage local agents and builders known to LABC to advertise in the guides so that homeowners are enabled to find good firms.

LABC Homeowner Guides

These provide homeowners with step by step advice and guidance on extensions, conversions, renovations and self build projects (new for 2016/17). They explain the difference between building control and planning, as well as describing how the building regulations can be used to ensure good quality construction. They take typical projects and show how local authority building surveyors work with designers, architects, developers, builders and contractors to deliver a fully certificated job that is finished to a high quality. Here is an example of a homeowner guide.

The guides drive homeowners to Local Authority Building Control and are distributed by LABC Publishing on behalf of each member authority:

In e-book formats

  • Via social media – reaching in excess of one million homeowners every year 
  • Digitally – via local authority websites, Home& and searchable via and the
  • In print – with over 1.2 million copies in constant circulation

Home&Build can also provide additional marketing support in the form of:

  • Homeowner-specific email creation and campaign management 
  • Targeted and specific social media campaigns
  • Video and short film animations 

Send your enquiry to or call her on 01625 667712.


This website provides online information for homeowners and designers undertaking domestic projects.

It enables homeowners and designers to understand if the building regulations apply to a project and how to get in touch with their local authority team using the Local Authority Building Control postcode search. We also publish Building Excellence case studies on this site, showcasing the best building control projects in each member area. Each LABC member council has its own unique area on this website where homeowners can find the name address and contact details of each Building Control Manager and where they can view the latest edition of the Homeowner Guide. The website also has suggestions for creating dream homes and finding tradespeople, designers and materials – including advice on how to create contracts with recognised suppliers. Visit www.home&

LABC Building Bulletins

These are technical briefings for architects, designers, developers, contractors, builders and trades people. Topics cover common building tasks, regulation changes, technical innovation, new products and solutions that simplify getting through the building control stages. The bulletins are mobile and tablet-friendly and sent direct to our business customers every month. Here is an example of our Building Bulletins