Better together

Binding the team

LABC together with construction professionals work with clients to preserve the golden thread of quality.

We have active relationships with:

  • Developers
  • Architects and designers
  • Engineering professionals
  • Quantity surveyors
  • Contractors
  • Property portfolio managers
  • Project managers

No matter which sector of the construction industry you work in, we'll provide proactive building control advice and a top-notch professional service.

With our help you'll keep the golden thread intact throughout your project. (Scroll down to discover how.)

It's as easy as LABC...


Building Regulations Approved Documents and guidance

Approved Documents and additional guidance for England and Wales, a resource library, archive of documents as well as a spotlight on what's important in the world of building control.

A local service, nationally

Our national network of over 3,000 building control professionals will guide you with our local expertise, providing impartial building regulations advice at a competitive price.

Consultancy services

Building Regulation applications require a number of complementary calculations, certificates, verifications and tests.

LABC Consult can organise these through local councils at competitive commercial rates without compromising the independence of the plan assessment and site inspection process.

Registration schemes

We have three schemes designed to help streamline the construction process for manufacturers, installers, developers, building control surveyors and the end users of buildings:

Training & qualifications

We offer a wide range of CPD courses, including building regulations for designers, architects and specifiers, dangerous structures, fire, drainage and public event management. We've also introduced Building Control Surveying Diplomas and will be offering an Hons Degree course.