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  • The entry requirements for the 2021 LABC Building Excellence Awards are:
  • Building control work will have been carried out by a local authority building control team (not by an approved inspector).
  • Projects will have been completed between 1 January and 31 December 2020.
  • Entries will have been submitted via the online form. ​Read How to make a winning entry for inspiration.

The deadline for all entries for both the People and Places awards is Friday 16 July.

 No - there’s no fee for entering the awards.


Not necessarily.

Builders, architects, designers and anyone else involved in a construction project can submit an entry.

If you’re entering your own project, your own company or yourself, an email will be sent to the Head of your local authority building control department, who can endorse your entry.

Stage 1: First you'll register your nomination for the LABC Building Excellence Awards via a short form on the LABC website. This gives us an idea of which nominations to expect.

Stage 2: You'll be given a link to create an account and start your nomination on the Submittable website where the entry form is hosted (you'll also receive an email with that link).

(Need help? Download the Step by Step Guide to Submitting.)

On Submittable (the website that hosts our entry form) there are four different entry forms as below:

1. Building Excellence Awards 2021 – People – This entry form is where you will nominate an individual. There is a choice of six categories, the questions for each category are the same so one form can be used.

2. Building Excellence Awards 2021 – Places – This entry form is where you will nominate all site based projects. There is a choice of 14 categories, the questions for each category are the same so one form can be used.

3. Building Excellence Awards 2021 – LABC Newcomer of the Year – This is the entry form you use to nominate your LABC Newcomer of the Year.

4. Building Excellence Awards 2021 – Best Partnership with a Local Authority Building Control Team – This is the

For the Place award categories - if you’re not sure which local authority and LABC region your project is in, enter the postcode of the project here: Find council by postcode search

For the People award categories, Best Partnership with a Local Authority and LABC Newcomer of the Year categories, use the local authority you have a relationship with.

For the Place and People Awards projects and individuals can only be entered into one category.

A website called Submittable hosts our awards entry forms and it could be that the email from Submittable (the one with the link) has ended up in your junk or spam folders.

Have a look and add Submittable to your contacts list for good measure (or ask your IT department to whitelist Submittable). If you still haven't been able to trace the email, get in touch with awardsenquiries@labc.co.uk.

Remember that this is a two-stage process and you may only have registered for Stage 1 on the LABC website. To register for Stage 2, click here.

If you want someone else to add information you can provide them with your login details and they can then contribute to the form.

When they have done this you can reset your password to ensure security.

Yes, when you’re working on your entry you'll be able to save it as a draft before you submit. Please note that on Submittable you can only work on one entry at a time. If you’ll be completing more than one entry form you need to submit the first one before starting the next.

When you log back in and go to the category page you'll be able to see your draft submission. 

This isn't possible, but if there's something that needs to be changed, we'll be happy to help.

(Email us at awardsenquiries@labc.co.uk.)


To get back into your entry, you'll go the Submittable website and scroll down to the category you were working on. You'll see that the information you've already entered but not submitted is still there for you to complete.

Once you've submitted that entry you can start on another, but you won't be able to work on two at once. (Gather all your information elsewhere so that it's ready for your next entry if you have one.)

Check that your photos are the correct file type, JPG or PNG. Alternatively you may have a slow internet connection and the photos will upload eventually.

If you are still having problems get in touch with us.

Yes - you can view the entry forms on Submittable (the website where the entry submission forms are hosted).
If you want to collate information for your entry before adding it to submittable, the links below show you the questions for each nomination type and are downloadable word documents.

We recommend gathering together your information before completing the form - especially if you're submitting more than one entry. You can only work on one entry at a time which means you’ll need to submit one entry before starting the next.

Your submission will be given a status by Submittable, depending on what's happening to your form in the LABC office.

To view the status, log back into Submittable.

We don't make use of all the Submittable statuses, but what you may well see are:

New - we've received your form and will be reviewing it shortly
In-progress - we've seen your form and are in the process of reviewing it.

We hope you’ve found the answer to your question here, but for anything that isn't, contact our awards team who'll be happy to help.