How to avoid buying unapproved electrical cable

Find out how to avoid unapproved electrical cable

The Approved Cables Initiative (ACI) is warning of dodgy cable on the market. The suspect cable has already been sold and may well have been installed on your site. ACI was alerted to the batch of low smoke flex after it was found with a false `BASEC-approved’ sticker on its packaging (see image).

If you’ve placed a cable order, make sure you get copies of the relevant approvals for your records along with the appropriate CE-marking information e.g. EC Declaration of Conformity. Check incoming product to ensure it’s correctly and accurately marked, labelled and supplied against your order.

Look out for third party approval. The BASEC mark should be stamped on the cable itself, not just on the reel. Additionally, the BASEC logo/label on packaging and drums should have a licence number of the manufacturer that can be verified via BASEC’s website.

Simple steps to avoid buying dodgy cable

  • Look for BS or other relevant standard number
  • Ensure it has a cable reference number or UK cable code
  • Check the number of cores and the nominal cross sectional area
  • Detail your order with quantity and lengths of cable required
  • Note the manufacturer’s details for every drum
  • Confirm traceability in your purchase
  • Only purchase third-party approved cable and check for the correct cable mark
  • Add any specific technical requirements to your order

A full list of BASEC-approved cables can be found at


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