Fire safety height thresholds 11m? LABC Warranty considers the implications

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On 21 Jan 2020 LABC responded to Housing Minister Robert Jenrick's building safety announcements, welcoming the key aspects and hoping for a quick implementation of the improvements.

Among his comments to Parliament Jenrick said, “there has not been enough focus amongst building owners on buildings below 18 metres” and mentioned that he "minded" to reduce the height when sprinklers and combustible materials are banned to 11 metres.

Following on from that, LABC Warranty have published an article looking at the implications of lowering the fire safety height. What will it mean for owners, builders and developers? What would be in scope if this did happen? And why have they chosen an 11m cut-off?

Read "Lowering the fire safety height threshold from 18m to 11m – what are the implications?"


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