Government guidance for smart meter installation in new homes

Picture of a smart meter

Published in November 2020 by the UK Government 'Smart meter installation in domestic new build premises' supports the roll out of smart metering for the new build housing sector.

Aimed at developers and architects, the guidance is especially useful for meter installations in new build apartment blocks, where meters located at the dwelling are less common – particularly as many modern blocks utilise communal meter rooms.

The document provides guidance on ‘Wide Area’ and ‘Home Area’ networking together with the need to provide in-home displays (IHD); the space requirements for communal meter rooms; and explains the impact of networking smart meters between apartments and meter rooms and where these become problematic to inform residents about the capability of smart metering or the future capacity to install smart metering.

There is additional direction to some existing guidance – such as: 'Size requirements and positioning guidance for gas smart meters’ and ‘Accessibility Requirements.'

The application of the guidance can be used to demonstrate compliance with building regulations to BCBs, particularly Part L – Conservation of fuel and power (fixed building services), and Part M4 – Access to and use of buildings (electrical control and devices).

Further information

Download 'Smart meter installation in domestic new build premises'

Part L – Conservation of fuel and power (England)

Part L – Conservation of fuel and power (Wales)

Part M Volume 1: Dwellings (England)

Part M Volume 1: Dwellings (Wales)


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