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Timber windows aren’t a thing of the past. Their quality and engineering means they’re available pre-finished, double or triple glazed, with enhanced security and comprehensive warranties to give your customers peace of mind.

Windows can be delivered to site fully finished - coated, glazed and fitted with hardware in controlled factory conditions. While some can be supplied with a primer or stain base coat for site glazing and finishing, it is advisable to choose factory-finished windows, where possible.

Get the timber window basics right 

  • Units should be brought to site as close to installation time as possible - and don’t use metal storage containers as excessive heat can damage the products
  • Don’t store the units in a damp room or building, particularly where plastering will be carried out
  • Avoid storing products flat - water lying on a horizontal window or door will cause the timber to swell and will invalidate the warranty
  • Plan to install and seal the new windows and doorsets on the same day that the existing windows or doorsets are removed
  • Install insulated cavity closers - specific guidance on installation will be available from the manufacturer
  • Ensure you seal the gap between the window or doorset and the opening to repel water and prevent air leakage while allowing for any movement that might occur
  • Make sure impregnated foam tapes used for sealing remain permanently flexible to accommodate at least the same joint movement as a ‘wet’ sealant

For more detailed instructions download Installation Guidelines for Timber Windows produced by the Wood Window Alliance, which represents more than 30 of the UK’s leading wood window companies.

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