Interview with Heather Jones - new Junior Vice President of LABC

Heather Jones with the Presidential Team of LABC

Nominations are invited each summer for the role of Junior Vice President and this is then voted on at our AGM. This year's Junior VP, Heather Jones will spend the next three years as part of the Presidential Team, eventually taking on the President role for a year, travelling the country and representing LABC at functions and events. We asked Heather about her role in building control and as Junior VP. (She's pictured above with (l-r) this year's Senior VP Anthony Aloyede, President Dave Sharp, Past President Chris Griffith-Jones and Honorary Member Jim King.)

...there are many more females surveyors within building control now than when I first started, although I would like to see this increase reflected in the management roles too.
Heather Jones

The interview

Q. What career path have you followed in building control, and what position do you hold now?

A. I started as an area surveyor in 2008. In 2010 I was promoted to Area Team Leader, and in 2014 to Professional Lead (this was with a Welsh Unitary Authority).  I joined a Shared Services in East Midlands in 2016 and following that joined 3C Building Control as Strategic Lead in 2017. I have a degree in Construction and am a Fellow of CIOB, CABE and InstLM.

Q. What have your own personal highlights in building control been?

A. The opportunity to progress and be part of something so vital to the industry - public protection is at the heart of what we do and integrity is essential in our role. Also, seeing schemes from paper through to completion is fantastic.

Q. What challenges have you come across personally?  

A. Moving to the Shared Service from one Authority was a challenge - working with three councils rather than one is interesting!

Q. Have you seen much change with regard to the role of women in building control?  

A. Yes, there are many more females surveyors within building control now than when I first started in the industry, although I would like to see this increase reflected in the management/leadership roles too.

Q. How did it feel being nominated for the role of Junior Vice President?

A. I'm excited with the challenge for my own personal development and to represent the members of LABC.

Q. What will the role entail?

A. Networking, representing the service of building control in industry and the wider remit.

Q. Have you thought about what your aims will be when you become President? (We know we're being a bit previous!)

A. Let's get this year over first!

Q. What do you feel will be the main challenges in building control in the next few years? 

A. The national review will have a huge impact and this could see the landscape of building control change completely – exciting times ahead!


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