LABC learning praised as participant numbers increase

786 students passed in the last 3 years

LABC’s learning and development team have seen increasing numbers of members taking part in its award winning non-degree vocational qualifications with 786 people taking a Level 3, 4, 5 or 6 qualification over the last three years. 

Both numbers and pass rates are increasing year on year reflecting public service building control’s commitment to learning, competence and standards.

LABC’s capacity building programme will see more than 100 new recruits coming into the profession all of which will be enrolled on LABC’s Level 4 and Level 5 diplomas. Student feedback shows how these vocational practical courses are vital for professional development and in helping surveyors in their day-to-day work.

Here’s what some learners said about recent level 6 courses on enforcement and fire safety:


Level 6 Enforcement

“I feel the course is really well set up. The content is excellent and the delivery was perfect – a mixture of presentations from the course tutor, good guest speakers and case studies.”

“The overall mix of pre learning videos, reading material, afternoon lectures, group work and guest speakers was good. This gave variety to the learning and aided the process. Guest speakers bring real world experience and case studies were particularly useful.”
“Overall the learning process was very positive. The content was excellent and made me think and consider our own service and brought a freshness to my experience.”

Level 6 Fire Safety

“I have vastly increased my knowledge of fire safety over the last 11 weeks – this course was much more than a refresher course.”  

“The weekly presentations were very informative and detailed, from materials testing to firefighting processes and procedures, most of which I was not knowledgeable about at the start of the course.”

“The website site set up was very impressive and user friendly. To be able to return to the specific areas of course content was very beneficial to recap specific areas of knowledge. This is most useful for work and for the upcoming validation exam.”
“The course has expanded my knowledge of ADB and the BS 999 range of documents. Very informative which has greatly improved my fire safety knowledge and experience to progress in the workplace.”

“Although my technical knowledge has increased, the main benefits have been in how I approach projects in the first place and gaining a better understanding of what is an appropriate way to tackle challenging technical issues.” 

“Overall, I am extremely pleased to have had the opportunity to be on the course and it is definitely a worthwhile exercise. I wish this had been available to me years ago!”

Not forgetting Level 5:

“The tutor had an excellent style of delivery, engaging, resourceful and informative with extensive knowledge and experience shining through.”

“Our tutor managed to ‘bring to life’ a challenging topic, by including visual diagrams and videos which help to support a real life understanding of our practical role in building control. Learning has become an interesting and enjoyable experience.”

“The course has been brilliant – I've learnt so much.”

“The course itself was probably one of the best experiences I’ve had in the building industry as it was so relevant to the day job, the ability to discuss topics within the office didn’t seem so alien as it did when I first started 18 months ago, everything drops into place.”

And feedback on the Level 4 building control surveying diploma was equally good:

“I’m absolutely delighted with my final grade and most definitely making good practical use of what I’ve learnt as I frequently get asked questions by more senior surveyors as the regulations are fresher in my mind.” 

“Can I say a huge thank you for all your hard work teaching the level 4 diploma and preparing us for the exams?  Having completed the first year of another surveying course, I can say with confidence that not all lecturers present with enthusiasm, make the material engaging and fun. I am dyslexic and I found that I got on really well in seminars.”
“Thank you again, I hope I can ask you the odd building control related question as I navigate through the world of building control.”  


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