LABC sign up to the Building a Safer Future Charter

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LABC has become the latest industry body to sign up to the Building a Safer Future Charter.

The Charter has been created to promote an urgent and positive culture and behaviour change in the safety of the built environment. And organisations signing up have to demonstrate support of its five commitments covering collaboration and sharing best practice, transparency and clear communication among others.

LABC Chief Executive, Lorna Stimpson, said, "LABC is pleased to become a Registered Signatory of the Building a Safer Future Charter. We recognise that becoming a Registered Signatory is an important first step towards achieving the culture and behavioural change required in relation to the Charter’s objectives around building safety.

"In confirming our support as a Registered Signatory, we will now be working to ensure that we embed the principles of the Charter into all our activities."

Further information

Visit the Building a Safer Future website for further details.


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