New chapter introduced in LABC Warranty Technical Standards Manual: Developments within coastal locations

Picture of a coastal location - labc warranty technical manual new chapter version 8

Version 8 of the LABC Warranty Technical Manual includes a new chapter 13 covering coastal locations.

This gives additional advice (over and above the guidance in chapters 1–12) for developments within 5km of the shore line. This is because coastal regions, particularly in the south west, west and north western areas of the UK are at greater risk of exposure to higher wind speeds than inland areas.

The level of exposure to rain penetration in coastal locations is also deemed to be ‘very severe’.

Gust wind speeds in combination with rain can create particular design issues for buildings sited in shoreline locations, particularly for cladding and roof coverings and their associated fixtures and fittings. 

Walls, claddings, external openings including windows and doors, construction junctions, and roofs exposed to the prevailing wind driven rain are vulnerable to rain penetration unless correctly designed and constructed for the conditions likely to be found. 

The durability of construction materials used in coastal locations must also be suitable for the site location environment. The effects of corrosion from wind-blown salt spray and higher UV exposure can significantly reduce the normal expected durability of a component.

Greater consideration of workmanship and ongoing maintenance are also needed to ensure materials and particularly the finishes can withstand things like windblown sand.

The chapter covers additional requirements for:

  • Masonry walls
  • Renders
  • External cladding systems including rain screens
  • Window and door openings
  • Balconies
  • Corrosion protection to steelwork
  • Fixings
  • Roofs

Further information

You can download the chapter and full technical manual at and discover how LABC Warranty stands out from the crowd.


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