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EWIS installation on block of flats

There is a growing market for external wall insulation systems (EWIS) to prevent heat loss and this has led the British Board of Agrément (BBA) to create a technical case study "Resistance to Wind Loading".

The document looks at the issues around wind-load resistance and the avoidance of structural failures of these systems, which can lead to "property damage, serious injury and fatalities".

Although thermal performance is the most important feature for users, the structural stability of the system is often overlooked by the non-technical community.
Authors of the BBA case study

With issues such as heavy finishes rendered on EWISs, exposure to severe weather conditions and incorrect structural calculations causing the systems to fail, the BBA emphasise structural stability and offer a wind-load resistance training course, recommend tests such as a dynamic wind uplift test (DWU) and have revised every current EWIS certificate in relation to its strength and stability. 

In terms of the building regulations, the adoption of the solutions recommended by the guidance on BBA certificates can help satisfy Part A of the regulations (Structure). 

Find out more about the installation of successful external wall installation systems: 

Download Resistance to Wind Load


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How can you join LABC?

We are a Light Gauge Steel company within the Off-site Construction industry - Panelize or Modular.

We are based in Ireland.

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Hi, thanks for your enquiry.

Please note that if you'd like to become an LABC member you would need to work in a local authority building control department in England or Wales.

If you're seeking to register your product or system, our certification process will only prove compliance with building regulations and standards across England, Wales and Scotland.



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