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The tiles you choose for low pitch roofing on a single-storey domestic extension are important. Tile choice is limited when it comes to lower pitches, particularly when they are as low as 12.5 degrees. The Permavent Easy Roof system offers you more flexibility by allowing you to choose from a much larger range of roof tiles.

The system’s patented Easy Slate is a ‘side lap strip’ that works by sealing the perp link on the slate, preventing water from entering the layers of the slates.

If water doesn’t land on the holing margin, it can’t creep to the nail holes or the point of entrance. Easy Slate extends the head lap from the tail of the upper slate to the head of the slate below; for example, a roof using 500x250mm slates with a 100mm lap, will now have a sealed perp joint and an effective head lap of 300mm.

Easy Verge

Easy Verge is the only dry verge specially designed to look like a traditional pointed verge and will even allow for a traditional cambered or ‘celtic’ edge. Its patented super seals are the only system that’s guaranteed to prevent water from creeping back under the slates or through the verge, which prevents the battens from rotting.

Plain Easy

Another form of double lap tiling is the “plain tile” method. This system uses smaller, yet thicker tiles that are air open and require a different installation approach compared to slate roofs. The Plain Easy system provides weatherproofing for all types of discontinuous plain tiles and allows any plain tile to be installed on a roof with a pitch as low as 17.5 degrees.

The system also includes unique weather bars which prevent water entry in heavy, windy rain. You’ll save money and weight with this quick and easy to install system when lowering the roof pitch because you’ll use fewer tiles.

It is ideal for listed buildings, extensions and highly exposed roofs and can be used with any type of plain tile from single to double camber, clay or concrete to machine or hand-made tiles.

For more information visit Permavent’s Registered Detail or the Permavent website.


2.5 degree roof

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Can somebody call to discuss a roofing solution please

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You should contact the roofing company directly with your query.

Kind regards
Julie, LABC

Low pitch

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Hi Mark,
Not sure if the above has been sorted?

If not give me a call on 07716 640699 to discuss Isoline under roofing system.

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