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Connect-a-Beam is a revolutionary new structural steel joining solution that eliminates the need to drill or weld when connecting steel beams. For use in loft conversions, with approval from a structural engineer, Connect-a-Beam removes long fabrication lead times and difficult installation of spliced beams and has been tested for extreme loads.

The solution, which has LABC registration, comes with splice boxes that allow steel beams to be cut at one third of the beams’ overall length and re-joined in the loft. Installation of a splice box is much easier and faster than installation of a conventional beam splice.

End Boxes, when used in pairs, allow two beams to be joined in an inline connection. End Boxes of different sizes can be used to connect different-sized beams. As only two of the six bolt holes in an end box need to be used, the different levels of bolts can be used to install beams at various heights.

When a sleeve is used in conjunction with an end box, 90-degree connections between beams are made possible. Similar to a connection using two end boxes, an end box/sleeve can connect beams of different sizes with height adjustment.

Visit www.denmaysteel.co.uk/connect-a-beam or call 01273 430399 to find out how the Connect-a-Beam system can speed up your loft conversions.

LABC Registered Details, now known as LABC Assured (as of March 2019), is a one-off certification process proving compliance with building regulations and standards across England, Wales & Scotland. Registering your product, system or house type with LABC increases industry confidence while also raising the profile of your company.

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