(Video) LABC Quality Management: How defining standards and improving quality helps our customers

Checklist - quality management with LABC

For the past two years LABC members have been developing a new approach to consistency and performance in local authority building control. 

Following nationwide consultation, changes to LABC’s Constitution and the establishment of a new Standards Committee LABC is now implementing quality management system (QMS) and 2015 ISO for the first wave of 50 local authority building control departments. 

It will also mean that local authorities will be subject to an independent audit from a UKAS accredited body.

Lorna Stimpson, LABC's Deputy Managing Director, said: “LABC’s standards will be third party accredited and support a consistent approach on managing competency, performance and resources.

"Our clients need to know that when they go from one building control team to another they'll get a consistent service, and we wanted to show what we do already.

"We know that there are question marks about quality in the construction industry generally at the moment, and we wanted to be able to prove the quality of Local Authority Building Control."

LABC teams have many functions: how will the new ISO benefit external business customers?



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