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Start your LABC Awards 2018 nomination registration (Stage 1)

LABC Awards 2018 nomination registration

We'll need confirmation of the project/nominee name you'll be entering before you begin the process of nominating. It helps us keep on top of which nominations we'll be expecting to see and stops us pestering you if we've already received them! (PS, if you're nominating more than one, come back to this page before you begin the second nomination.)

Once you've filled in the registration form below you'll receive an email from Submittable (the website hosting our awards entry form) giving you a link to create an account and complete the awards entry form on their website (Stage 2).

(Need to get back to an entry you've already started on Submittable? Click here and revisit your category.)

Each LABC region holds its own awards. To find out which region your project copy this into your browser and search by postcode: For site based categories the region is determined by the location of the project, for best local builder, best site agent and best partnership categories, use the local authority you have a relationship with.
Select up to four site based categories or one non site based category below:
CTRL + click to select more than one