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Self build

Building your dream home can be a cost effective way to achieve the layout, design and finishes you want. Last year 12,000 self build homes were built and this option is becoming increasingly attractive for many people. We provide a number of services to make sure your self build project is safely constructed and meets the latest environmental standards.

Your local authority building control team can offer you pre-application advice to help you plan your project from beginning to end and check your plans before you start work to make sure they comply. Our local authority surveyors are always close by and do not limit the number of inspections on your property.

Our network holds an unparalleled source of expert technical advice, unique local knowledge and access to all relevant records including local ground conditions. Your local authority building control team also have well established relationships with planning, highways, environmental health, water companies and the environment agency.

You will need a building regulation application enquiry for your development. To complete your development you may also need some or all of the following (this list is not exhaustive):

As a not-for-profit operation our services are always charged at cost which means a great value service to you!             

Find your local building control team here.

What do you need to know before you start your self build project?

There are many things you’ll need to put in place before starting work. These include arranging specialist finance, identifying and purchasing the land and drawing up a budget. Much of what you need to do on a self build project is similar to that for other domestic improvement work. You should seek professional advice when having plans for your building work drawn up.

You can search Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists or the Royal Institute of British Architects for contacts in your area. We have a video to help you choose the right builder. You need to arrange planning permission for your project, help with how to do this can be found in our video "planning permission and building control". You can also watch our video "how does the building control process work" to understand the importance of building control. There are self build case studies available for you to read if you wish to to find out how other self developers have overcome challenges on their project.

For further information on any of the above please contact Gareth Barnbrook, LABC Business Development Director, by Email to or by phone on 07703 838 830.