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Eligibility, categories & judging criteria

The LABC Building Excellence Awards are a two-stage process beginning in each of our 12 regions at events starting in the spring and running through to mid summer. For information on who can enter, why you should enter and how the awards work, visit About the LABC Awards.

Am I eligible?

If you're a building control surveyor or anyone else involved in a building project, these were your eligibility requirements for the 2017 awards (2018 elegibility to follow later in the year):

  • Building control work will have been carried out by a local authority building control team (not by an approved inspector).
  • Projects were completed between 1 January and 31 December 2016.
  • Entries were submitted via the online form.

Our Award categories

For the 2017 Awards (projects completed in 2016) there were 12 categories:

  1. Best extension or alteration to an existing home 
  2. Best local builder or traditional craftsperson 
  3. Best change of use of an existing building or conversion 
  4. Best individual new home 
  5. Best new housing development 
  6. Best social or affordable new housing development 
  7. Best public service building 
  8. Best educational building 
  9. Best commercial project
  10. Best Inclusive Building 
  11. Best partnership with a local authority building control team 
  12. LABC site agent of the year 

Judging criteria

Read an explanation of each of our categories and the judging criteria for each.

...and read How to make a winning entry: LABC Awards to give your entry a better chance of winning.