New security standards for new homes: Building Regulations Part Q

Picture of new home - security stands Part Q of Building Regulations

Did you know that all new homes now have to meet minimum standards of security under new Building Regulation Part Q? This rule came into force on 1 October 2015 and applies to new-build houses and flats and those formed by a change of use such as barn conversions.

The new standards say that ‘accessible’ doors and windows have a minimum level of security. An accessible door or window is one that’s located at ground floor or basement level, or above low pitched roofs.

To meet these standards the door or window should have been tested to security standard PAS 24, or one of the alternative standards listed in the new Part Q of the regulations. The manufacturer has to have had the door tested against burglar attacks, such as force and lock-picking, to comply.

Key points for Building Regulation Part Q

  • Where a dwelling is formed by change of use, the existing doors and windows will need replacement if they do not meet the requirements - this could lead to unexpected costs
  • Where the property being converted is historic or in a conservation area, you’ll need to speak to the council’s building control department to discuss the windows and doors
  • If the conservation team requires that the existing doors and windows are retained, then you’ll need to contact building control to discuss other solutions
  • Part Q contains a specification for a ‘bespoke’ door - an alternative to using a certified door - this allows a joiner to construct a door to meet the regulations without having it tested
  • For bespoke windows Part Q refers to specifications and you should follow the latest version of PAS 24 (2016) This then provides in section 2, the references to a range of British Standards. 

         Read more about windows - LABC article on the 06.09.21



Part Q

Submitted 2 months 1 week ago

Any update on the ‘bespoke’ window? (6 years later). Thanks

In reply to by Bobby (not verified)

LABC response

Submitted 2 months ago

Thank you for your comment.

It is now updated, you can also read a recent article on the LABC website (link above) on windows.

LABC team

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