LABC Chief Exec Lorna Stimpson says the top priority is stopping spread of coronavirus

Housing construction site - closed

LABC’s Chief Executive, Lorna Stimpson, in a message to LABC members has said that only the most urgent construction work should be supported on site to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

She said, "In such a rapidly changing situation providing definitive advice is impossible, but the top priorities are your safety and that of your surveying team and to ensure that you are not placed in any unnecessary risk. Everyone must seek to minimise any possibility of transmitting the virus.

"Understanding the details behind this week’s various ministerial announcements has been difficult. No doubt, like me you have been watching the news online and on TV. The information about construction sites, critical working, social distancing and key workers has been slow and sometimes contradictory.

"We’ve had many requests from LABC members for advice and clarification. Because the situation is moving so quickly we can’t give absolute clarity and local authority policies are varying for good local reasons.

"We have to keep in mind that building control surveyors have duties in public safety and protection and will be required for other duties. Right now some LABC Members are working on hospitals as a matter of urgency and are advising on temporary buildings and other structures to support the Government’s response to the epidemic."

Each local authority decides

LABC issued a briefing note last week but the situation has now changed to one where we’re now saying that local building control teams need to review their situation with their own emergency planning colleagues with their business continuity plans which, quite rightly, are specific to local circumstances.

Public safety and protection

On the basis that the industry appears to be coming to a stop, it may soon only be dangerous structures that will be considered for site visits.

Lorna summed up, "Finally, I’ve been incredibly encouraged by how LABC members continue to support each other and continue to be so professional at such a difficult time.

"Please stay in touch - LABC is fully operational on a 100% remote basis and we're here to support you so please don’t hesitate to contact us. Please stay safe and my very best regards to you all in this difficult situation."

LABC phones and emails are working, so for queries use 020 8616 8120, email or use the contact form on our Contact page.

Further information

Read Site Operating Procedures Protecting Your Workforce During Coronavirus (Covid-19) - issued by the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) (last updated 15 April 2020).


Virus and site inspections

Submitted 2 years 1 month ago

I continue to visit site following all protocol as a local authority Surveyor but sadly come across comments about being over the top (made today) in response to my ppe
Real problems with distancing last week. The small building sites are of concern . My larger ones are closed.
I try to explain but difficult times!
(My ppe is mask gloves rainwear zipped up and head covering )too scary maybe?

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