LABC Superstars and Rising Stars 2019

LABC Superstars and Rising Stars awards

This year's deserving LABC Superstars and Rising Stars were given their awards at the LABC Member Conference gala dinner on 25 March 2019.

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LABC Superstar Winners

Colin Dolden of East Suffolk Building Control

LABC Superstar Winner Colin Dolden

Colin was nominated no less than seven times across five categories which the judges found amazing. They were impressed with his leadership, innovation, positivity and transformational skills.


David Eggleton of Hertfordshire Building Control

LABC Superstar David Eggleton

The judges recognised David’s leadership skills in creating a centralised hub for seven independent LABC service units. This included developing a full business plan and future-proofing the building control service within his organisation.

Mark Rapson - Southern Building Control Partnership

Mark Rapson - LABC Superstar

The judges were impressed with Mark's energy, diligence, encouragement and exemplary support to his colleagues. The effort he's recently taken to achieve his level 6 LABC Fire Competency assessment was also recognised.

Lindsay Goodman - Waverley Borough Council

LABC Superstar - Lindsay Goodman

Lindsay’s leadership style is something the presidential team recognised, in particular her future-proofing of the business support team. They recognised the value of work she has done to align her office procedures with those of our national LABC initiatives.


Bob McIver - Haringey Council

LABC Superstar Bob McIver

The presidential team recognised Bob’s motivational attitude and commitment to both LABC and LDSA, and his transformational skills ensuring the future resilience of the service provided by his team in an extremely competitive environment, winning some major multi million pound projects.

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LABC Superstar Highly Commended

The judges decided that LABC should also recognise the achievements of the following three individuals by giving them Highly Commended awards...

Mariza Graham - Newham Council

Mariza Graham - Superstar Highly Commended


Natasha Mace - Building Control Solutions

LABC Highly Recommended Superstar Natasha Mace


Mike Taylor - APT Group

LABC Superstar Highly Recommended Mike Taylor

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LABC Rising Stars

Neil Tasker (Gold award) - Chester West & Chester Council 

LABC Rising Star Neil Tasker

The judges were extremely impressed with Neil’s overall performance and professional attitude towards LABC, particularly in transforming the services and streamlining the processes within his office environment. They were also impressed with his overall encouragement and support of other colleagues and his production of a Surveyor-based user manual which has been extremely successful.

Russell Blackman (Silver award) - Hertfordshire Building Control

LABC Rising Star Silver Russell Blackman

The judges were impressed with Russell’s proactive attitude to winning clients for LABC and this was substantiated by several testimonials from clients. They also recognised his diligence in demonstrating technical knowledge and advice during the building regulation compliance processes.

Emily Bowman (Bronze award) - East Suffolk Building Control

LABC Rising Star Bronze Emily Bowman

The judges recognised that Emily is a proactive and customer-focused Surveyor who has rejuvenated the teams across three office locations. She sets an example to many Surveyors who have met her, and her energy and drive is motivational for all.

Nicola Corfield - APT Group (left), Alexander Deakin - East Suffolk (middle), James Chesher - 3C Shared Services (right)

The presidential team recognised the valuable contributions of all nominees in the Rising Star awards, and were delighted by the number of nominees going through our LABC training programme. As well the Gold, Silver and Bronze award, Dave, Anthony and Heather wanted to recognise these three individuals for their hard work and dedication to LABC.

LABC Rising Star Highly Commended - Nicold Corfield, Alexander Deakin, James Chesher

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