Lorna Stimpson gives a passionate speech in support of Dame Judith Hackitt's Review at the Houses of Parliament (Video)

Houses of Parliament and the River Thames

Watch LABC’s Lorna Stimpson’s speech at a Policy Connect event with BBA in the Houses of Parliament on Monday 22 October. In it she speaks about her experience in building control and why we should all support the 53 recommendations made in the Hackitt Review.

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Lorna Stimpson's speech

Submitted 5 years 4 months ago


Lorna Stimpson's address in Westminster

Submitted 5 years 4 months ago

Thoroughly agree with all Lorna says and I speak with experience to confirm that all the issues she raises are current and very much a true reflection of how the introduction of private profit making organisations (Approved Inspectors) has adversley influenced the route for building regulation compliance, and this coupled with the lack of adequate enforcement has, and will, erode sfaety standards within our industry.

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Submitted 5 years 4 months ago

Thanks Lorna, excellent speech and so true!

Building Regulations England and Wales

Submitted 5 years 4 months ago

Agreed with you Lona %100, let hope the Goverment does something positive about what is going on... Enforcment and looking for work and against the private companies can't be right.Builders telling the Building Control officials what they are willing to pay for the services/inspections.. Not RIGHT ! Please do something about it ...

100 Hackitt

Submitted 5 years 4 months ago

I think I speak for anyone who is passionate about Local Authority Building Control , this has been a long time coming. Thank you Lorna, you are finally making the country wake up to our BC Surveyors crucial role. The only way is 100% Hackitt.

Lorna Stimpson speech

Submitted 5 years 4 months ago

Very moving and heart warming. I just hope that the bill doesn't get water down. Did you know we have a tower block built in the last 10 plus year and is 20 plus floor high. The application came in to our council, we advised of the problem having inner rooms on a building more than 4.5 high. The and developer shopped around until he found a building control who would accept it has compliant. It is now built the way the developer wanted. I hope this practice can stop.

Just to clarify

Submitted 5 years 2 months ago

I’m sure there were reasons why you felt the guidance in BS9991 or a fire engineered approach would not be suitable to allow an open plan layout for the scheme, as without seeing the plans and knowing the full information about the project it is hard to judge other people’s decisions and justification.

So I hope I am interpreting your comment correctly as a request to return to AD B as the only compliance method to achieve the functional requirement regarding means of escape.

Lorna Stimpson speech

Submitted 5 years 3 months ago

I would have hoped for a more professional approch. Belittling contractors, clients and architects (not to mention Approved Inspectors) in this sweeping manner shows a clear lack of experience and does not paint building control in a good light: neither public or private. Lorna Stimpson should be ashamed, particularly as a fellow of CABE (whose members work both in the public and provate sectors).

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