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West Lindsey District Council building control team

West Lindsey's Building Control team were recently invited to deliver a technical talk to over 20 delegates about the second phase of Gusto Homes' eco development, The Edge.

Award-winning developers, Gusto Homes, hosted the talk at Phase 2 of their unique high spec passive solar home development on the edge of the Lincolnshire Showground.

Eleven homes are currently under construction on the site in West Lindsey as part of the original plan to create 29 homes and over 20 delegates, including West Lindsey Councillors, were invited to listen to the technical talk and have a tour of the site.

The talk included information about the structure of the buildings, the high level of insulation in the properties, the use of high efficiency electric heating with heat recovery ventilation, and concluded with a tour around the building site and one of the completed homes.

Phillip Westmorland, Building Control Team Manager led the talk at Woodland's Edge, he said: "It was a great event. We had previously delivered a technical talk for Phase 1 a number of years ago so it was insightful to be able to talk about how methods have changed with the construction of the Phase 2 properties.

The development is set in 12 acres of parkland which includes a two level-lake and a five acre mature wood.

Information shared

Steff Wright, managing director for Gusto Homes was delighted to host the technical talk at The Edge. He said: "The only way that real step change improvements will be made within housing is for people to share knowledge and have the confidence to make changes within whatever organisation they are involved in."

West Lindsey District Council's building control team have been working closely with Gusto Homes on the development, and have provided the site inspections on both phases.

"Visiting these unique properties exemplifies what can be achieved in construction, with a tight-knit team who all understand the end goal, these homes are truly stunning, unique in form and in lifestyle. The quality of the Gusto Homes can be seen throughout the build process."

Lewis North, a delegate who attended the technical talk on behalf of Architecture North, said: "Visiting these unique properties exemplifies what can be achieved in construction, with a tight-knit team who all understand the end goal."

The energy-saving properties include amenities such as allotments, a tennis court with pavilion and an orchard planted by the residents. The spacious passive solar homes have been built to the highest standards, and have been designed and specified to cost an average of £1 per day (at 2016 energy prices) for space heating, hot water, and lighting.

To view the technical talk, virtual site tour and tour of a completed Phase 2 Eco property, visit the council's Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/westlindseydistrictcouncil.

If you're planning any type of construction project and are interested in getting in touch with your local authority building control team you can find their details using the postcode search on our website.

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