LABC welcomes CLC Roadmap to Recovery

Reflection of crane in glass - the CLC roadmap to recovery

LABC have welcomed Monday's publication by the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) of a ‘Roadmap to Recovery’. The strategy outlines how the industry can lead the way out of the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The roadmap sets out three phases, delivered over the next two years:

•    Restart: measures over the next three months to increase output, maximise employment and minimise disruption

•    Reset: over the following nine months drive demand, increase productivity and strengthen capability

•    Reinvent: in the subsequent 12 months transform the industry through collaboration, partnership and delivering better value

The CLC strategy puts great emphasis on employment, skills and professionalism and calls for new ways of supporting training and competency such as distance learning and flexible apprenticeship models.

Commenting LABC Chief Executive, Lorna Stimpson said, "It’s clear construction is vital to any economic bounce back post COVID-19. But it’s also clear we can’t simply reopen and carry on as if nothing has happened. This roadmap from the CLC is a coherent way forward to a safe return and includes many initiatives to boost skills and competency in the medium and longer terms.

"LABC particularly welcomes this emphasis on learning and skills which mirrors our own investments in the past three years.”

Further information

View and download the 'Roadmap to Recovery' on the CLC website


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