"The next normal in construction" - McKinsey report

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The next normal in construction - McKinsey report

McKinsey & Company have published a report on how they believe construction will change in the coming years.

Assessing how the full array of disruptive trends will combine to reshape the construction industry in earnest (and finding evidence that disruption has already begun), the report is the result of a survey of 400 global industry leaders.

Its findings include:

  • Disruptive change accelerating as a result of COVID-19
  • Nine shifts that will radically change how projects are delivered due to requirements such as sustainability and customer focus 
  • The importance of investing in human resources
  • An overhaul of the value chain could lead to increase profits for those who are first to disrupt

McKinsey believe that to survive and thrive the construction industry will have to respond to these trends and develop strategies to deal with or lead on these changes. 

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Can I order a physical copy of the report?

Submitted 1 year 2 months ago

I work at Primoris Renewable Energy.
Would I be able to purchase a physical copy of this report?

Melissa Baumann
Safety Administrator
Primoris Renewable Energy

3800 Lewiston Street, Suite 300
Aurora, CO 80011
Office: 720.374.3900
Mobile: 720.437.1758


Submitted 1 year 2 months ago

Hello there - thanks for leaving your comment.

I see the link was broken when you looked at this - it's now pointing to the downloadable report. I hope that helps.

Kind regards
Julie, LABC

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