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CIOB Membership through LABC

Applicants with a degree

CIOB Membership

The Professional Development Programme (PDP) is available for graduates, or degree students, who want to progress to Chartered membership via a structured and assessed route. The PDP develops and assesses candidates' occupational competence within a framework of support from their employer and a CIOB approved assessor.

To register for the PDP you need to have a suitable university degree such as the LABC BSc Building Control Surveying Degree and be working in a suitably related role. By completing the programme successfully you'll progress to full Chartered member status (MCIOB).

It usually takes between two and three years to complete the programme. During that time you'll assemble a portfolio of work to show that you're meeting certain key competencies.

The cost of this programme is £450 + VAT (£300 registration fee and £150 final assessment fee). Your annual subscription fee for MCIOB will be £278. Student Membership of CIOB is free

Applicants without a degree

The Chartered Membership Programme, formerly Experienced Practitioner Assessed programme (EPA), is a route to MCIOB for individuals with significant management experience who lack formal qualifications at honours degree level. Typically those enrolling on the programme will have worked in a management role for 5 years. However, the programme is also suitable for a wide range of technical and specialist professionals working in the construction industry. The programme also forms a progression route to MCIOB for candidates who have completed the CIOB Site Management Programmes.

The aim of the Programme is to provide a route to Chartered Membership that covers both the academic and competence requirements for CIOB membership.

The Programme is made up of 4 modules designed to give you the specialist knowledge and skills required to manage construction projects effectively. The modules are delivered through approved providers.

  • Construction Technology
  • Management
  • Contracts and Commercial Practice 
  • Health, Safety and the Environment


Assessment is made via an Open Book Exam which is carried out at the end of the programme. You will be provided with a construction project scenario and drawings and will answer 4 questions relating to the 4 modules. You will be given 10 days to submit your answer to the questions through the virtual learning environment, Moodle. This allows you to use the resources of your choice to complete your exam.

The Professional Review

Your CMP provider will also give advice and support on the completion of your Professional Review application. This is an assessment of your occupational and management competence and the final stage of gaining your Chartered membership.

How do I apply?

The CMP is run through providers. Find out more from the CIOB here.