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Frequently asked questions - the awards process

1. What are the entry requirements for the 2018 awards? 

Here are the requirements for 2018:

  • Building control work will have been carried out by a local authority building control team (not by an approved inspector).
  • Projects will have been completed between 1 January and 31 December 2017.
  • Entries will have been submitted via the online form. (Read How to make a winning entry: LABC Awards 2018 before you start).

2. Do I have to pay to enter the awards?

No - there’s no fee for entering the awards.

3. Does the entry form have to be completed by my local authority building control surveyor?

Not necessarily. Builders, architects, designers and anyone else involved in a construction project can submit an entry.

If you’re entering your own project or company, an automatic email will be sent to the Head of your local authority building control department, who can then endorse your entry.

We recommend that you work collaboratively with your building control surveyor to complete the form. (A maximum of four people can contribute to the form.)

4. Can I view the entry forms prior to entering online so I know what the questions are?

Yes - you can view the entry forms as PDFs. See the links below for each of the nomination types.

5. I cannot view or edit the awards nomination form. Why?

You’ll need to be registered on the LABC website to view, edit or complete the entry form. (Register or log in here.) If you’re a client and not a member of LABC, register as an ‘Other user’.

6. How do I know which local authority and LABC region my project is in?

If you’re not sure which local authority and region your project is in, enter the postcode here: Find council by postcode search. For best local builder, best site agent and partnership categories, use the local authority you have a relationship with.

7. I have entered the name of my local authority but I can’t begin the nomination process?

Once you begin typing in the name of your local authority it should come up as an option in the dropdown list. Selecting your authority from the list will cause the “Begin” button to activate. If your local authority doesn’t appear, call the awards team on 020 7091 6869 or  0207 840 5790.

8. How do I get a unique reference number and what is it?

When you’ve entered your local authority and pressed ‘Begin,’ your unique reference number will appear at the top of the page. Make a note of this number as it allows you to access your form if you complete some of it and want to return to it at a later date . Use the “Save for later” option so that you can go back in when you need to.

9. I can’t find the category I want to enter on the entry form?

There are 12 categories in all, split into four different nomination types on the entry form. One of these types is ‘Site based categories’. When you choose this option a choice of all the site based categories appears (nine in total) and you can select the one/s you wish to enter.

10. I want to enter one project into two categories - can I do this on the same form?

This depends on the nomination type. If you want to enter up to four of the site based categories you can do this using one form as the questions are the same for each category.

If you’d like to enter Best local builder or traditional craftsperson, LABC site supervisor of the year, or the Best partnership category, you’ll need to submit separate forms as these categories have different questions.

11. Can I enter my project into as many categories as I like?

Each project can be entered into a maximum of four categories.

12. I want to access the entry form and return to it at a later date. Can I do this?

Yes, when you begin your entry you will be given a unique reference number. Begin completing the form, then press the ‘Save for Later’ button at the top of the form. By using your unique reference number you can access your form whenever you want to,  and make changes before submitting the final version.

13. I want other people to contribute to the entry form. How do I do this?

A maximum of four people can contribute to the entry form.

If you want someone else to add information to the form they’ll need the unique reference number for your entry. (Anyone accessing the form will need to be registered on the website.) The unique reference number can be used on a maximum four different computers.

14. I’m having difficulty uploading my photographs. Why is this?

Each photograph must be uploaded as a JPEG or PNG file and be less than 32MB and a minimum of 1000 pixels. If you aren’t sure of the size of your photograph, right click on it and select ‘Properties’ and then ‘Details’. The information in the ‘Image’ section will tell you how many pixels your image is. If you scroll down to ‘File’ this will tell you the size of your image in KB and MB.

We hope you’ve found the answer to your question here, but for anything that isn't, contact our awards team who'll be happy to help.